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As no two sets of eyes ever see the world the same,
so we never create the same the holiday twice.

You can get a glimpse of the world in India, but to experience India, you have come to India.

The world is not enough to encapsulate its heritage, culture and grandeur.
India-the beyond of everything…textures, colours, flavours, religion, spirituality…and above all, a modern icon. At India Unexpected, it's our humble attempt to give the world a glimpse of infinite India.

Its not confined by a canvas of geographical boundaries, it's not limited to a religion of thousands of gods and goddesses followed by blind faith, its not narrowed down to cuisines quenching a single taste bud, its not summarised to a mere chapter of monumental love finding its place in history. It's a land of mankind, peace, and nirvana and represents the future of tomorrow's world.

We bring to you the world's oldest civilisation in its contemporary form.

Our tour planners work at creating flexible and customized travel itineraries that meet your requirements and budget, while allowing you to experience the local culture, dining and people of these fascinating regions. Cutting-edge technology puts those detailed itineraries in your hands within 24 hours via email or fax delivery. And our website keeps you posted on our latest special tours and upcoming events. Beyond the planning stage, from the minute you’re safely on your way home, you’ll know that you are in the hands of travel professionals.

We are very innovative, add valuable solutions that consistently exceed our customers expectations and strive to always provide the ultimate travel experience. Our luxury travel specialists will take the time to get to know you so that your personal vacation dreams become reality. Our luxury travel specialists are available to you before, during and after your vacation. We are always available to serve you person to person! We readily handle luxury vacation, cruises, tours and travel requests from all parts of the globe


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